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Do you know how to leverage LinkedIn as an IT professional? Having a complete and quality profile will help you connect with others in the industry and even find a new job. Technical recruiters and hiring managers tap into the LinkedIn network regularly to source qualified candidates for their open positions. Here are four tips to make your LinkedIn profile better and attract views.

  • Edit your headline. The LinkedIn headline, which appears in every search, automatically defaults to the title of your most recent job. However, did you know you can change it? Experts recommend that you customize your headline to make it pop and encourage recruiters and hiring managers to click on your profile to see more. When you are in your profile click the pencil icon next to your headline to make changes. Showcase specific skills that make you marketable. For example, “Information Security Professional with over 10 years in the industry and experience in Cloud Security.”  
  • Include media. Recently, LinkedIn also added a media feature which allows you to add a document, image, or link to your job experience. Click the edit button under your job history to add graphics or other examples of your work. Include anything that can help you stand out from the crowd. If you have a portfolio of work online link to that site for your most recent position.
  • Provide data to support your experience. Recruiters want to see results from your previous employers. How did your contribution make them successful? Consider all of your accomplishments from previous positions and include them in your current work history. For example, you may say something like “Took over project for disaster recovery and implemented new protocol. Managed a team that was successful on the first test and saved the company over $1 Million in the process.”
  • Ask for recommendations. Many of your previous employers, especially large corporations, will no longer provide reference information when new a potential employer contacts them. Many companies have a policy of only sharing the dates of your employment. The recommendation feature on LinkedIn can help a recruiter or hiring manager see how you performed in your career. Reach out to former coworkers, managers, or customers and ask them to provide a recommendation. The easiest way to get a recommendation is to give one so spend some time writing them for others.

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