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 Do you want to be on the cutting edge of engineering for your job search? One of the best ways to stay connected to changes in the industry is to make use of mobile apps. These apps can help you research the industry, improve your efficiency, and show that you are ahead of the competition. Here are three apps to download today.

  1. Power Engineering. This app, available both for iOS and Android devices, gives you instant access to all the latest engineering industry news. It even allows you to share information through the app directly to friends or on your social media such as Facebook or Twitter. You will also have access to information for Power Gen International, one of the leading industry events. By being plugged into industry news you can get ahead of your competition in the job market.
  2. TurboViewerX. Also available in the Apple App Store and Google Market for Android is this 2D and 3D viewer for drawings and other schematics. It allows you to access the drawings through multi touch so you can navigate easily around the design. There is an online wiki-style encyclopedia so you can learn more information without leave the tool.  There is also a full screen preview so you can view the drawing as it uploads. With this app you can send drawings through email and access files from DropBox and other similar systems. This app is specifically designed to be optimal on mobile devices.
  3. MultiEducator. Several industry specific formulator apps are available from MultiEducator Inc. You can get the app for everything from environmental to electrical to civil engineering. This allows you to customize your device and only access the information necessary for your job. This app gives you the ability to process conversions and formulas at your fingertips. It is currently only available for iOS devices.

Are you looking for more information to give you an edge in your engineering job search? If you are looking for engineering jobs in Dallas Fort Worth, contact the experts at Three Pillar today.

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