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There is much more to a hiring decision and to your success in a job than simply possessing the right financial skills to accomplish the tasks assigned. Companies are looking for a complete individual with many facets to their personality. Often these intangible concepts are referred to as “soft skills.” Here are three soft skills that you can improve as a financial professional to make sure you get and keep that next job opportunity.

  1. Communications. Financial employees are not confined to a box working with numbers every day. There will be times you will need to communicate to other team members, other departments, or even clients and customers. Pay special attention to all forms of business communication. To improve your phone skills keep your tone of voice in mind when you speak. Face to face communications are complex because of body language cues. Note your eye contact and your posture. Email and other web communications may be the most difficult because it cannot convey tone in any way. Work on making sure that you are clear and effective.
  2. Technology. Computers have changed our workplace permanently. New technologies are emerging every day to make us more productive in our jobs. It is imperative that you keep up with the most recent technology so you can compete with new candidates in the market place. Stay up to date with Microsoft and specialty programs for the financial industry. Also spend some time with mobile devices to understand how they might help you on the job.
  3. Problem Solving. Some people say that you’re only as good as the last problem you solved. If you are able to help your company, or a client, solve a specifically sticky situation you will be remembered as a financial hero and will be respected in the office. Putting yourself in the position of being a strong problem solver will also establish your leadership expertise. Be able to solve any issue, large or small, and you will become invaluable.

Are you looking for ways to sell your soft skills to your next potential employer? If you are looking for financial jobs in Fort Worth, contact Three Pillar today.

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