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New technologies are changing the very face of the American workplace. Companies are seeking candidates with strong experience in information technology to add to their teams. Both technology companies and those in other industries are hiring technical professionals to help take their organizations to the next level. If you’re considering a job in IT here are 4 specific technologies that companies are looking for today.

  • JavaScript. This programming language is one of the most commonly used today. Many users take for granted that JavaScript programming is allowing them to interface with the web. If you have experience in JavaScript then your skills may be in demand. JavaScript programming has been around a long time so be sure to brush up on the latest information before sending out your resume.
  • Ruby on Rails. This programming language, often abbreviated as RoR, is the open source web app version of Ruby which is used for rapid development. Many organizations, especially technology start-ups, are moving to Ruby on Rails because it has been very well received by programmers who have formerly used JavaScript or PHP.
  • PHP. PHP has had a long history in web development and is still used by many businesses for their programming needs. It is most often applied in conjunction with HTML, the most common web design language. PHP is free to use and works well with most platforms and operating systems. Companies are looking to hire PHP developers when they want full control over the look and feel of the end product. Companies are seeking individuals with a great track record and excellent references.
  • .NET Framework. This product runs exclusively on Windows Operating Systems and many companies are looking for individuals with experience to assist with their network customization. Most often this application is used for data storage, sourcing, and access which are becoming increasingly more important to companies as they move to a paperless workplace paradigm.

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