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You’ve been interviewing in the engineering field for some time. Now, a company has made you an offer. How do you know if the position is right for you? After a particularly long and exhaustive job search it may seem like a good idea to take any offer presented to you, but this isn’t always the best course of action. Here are three things you should take into account before committing to your next engineering position.

  • Will it help you reach personal goals? What do you really want to do? There are many aspects of engineering and if the position doesn’t fit into your vision for your career in 5 or 10 years it may not be the best job for you. You shouldn’t look at a job as a means to an end; really consider how this will fit into your life. Does it provide a good work/life balance? Does it give you an opportunity to develop your current skills or learn new ones?
  • What are the risks? Risks can range anywhere from lack of work/life balance, mentioned above, to a reduction from your previous salary that will make future earning difficult. Really consider the impact this position will have on your life. Research the company, their financial information, and talk to others in the industry about their reputation. Really dive into the details about the company and determine if they are a fit for your values and lifestyle.
  • Will this job help you long term? Once again, it is important to consider your long term career path. What can this specific company offer you to drive you toward your ultimate goals? Do they offer training and promotions for star employees? What has been the experience with advancement by the current staff? You can learn a lot by reviewing the longevity of employment in the office and how individuals have progressed in the organization.

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