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There is great news: the US economy is picking up steam and companies are hiring again. There is even better news: the city of Dallas is one of the best cities for great new jobs. This region of the country is moving full speed ahead to be one of the best markets for new jobs in the country. If you’re living in the Dallas area or thinking of relocating we wanted to provide you with some insight on the local job market. Here are a few of the reasons why Dallas is a great place to live and work.


  • 5 year job growth rate expected at 2.8%. In spite of the bankruptcy of the parent corporate of local company American Airlines, Dallas businesses have been adding jobs at an astounding rate. This will affect not only the city of Dallas but also the surrounding suburban areas. Expect consistent growth through 2019.
  • Dallas companies consistently listed on “Best Places to Work.” Simply Googling “Jobs in Dallas” will pull up dozens of results for the best places to work in the area. Many large corporations and some small local businesses based in the Dallas area are frequently on these top 10 lists which are reported by Forbes,, and other reputable websites.
  • High tech, real estate, and tourism all top industries. Recently, the Dallas area has been called the “Silicon Prairie” buy many industry analysts. It is home to a number of technology business centers and growth in this industry is expected. Additionally, real estate and tourism are at the top of the list for industries that are also experiencing growth in the area.
  • Low cost of living and great infrastructure. The salary range in Dallas is consistently high while the cost of living is surprisingly low. This means that professionals have better access to a living wage and good housing. The city is also has excellent infrastructure including transportation and access to airports. This leads to it being a great hub for major businesses.

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