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Any recruiter will tell you that some candidates are very difficult to find for certain jobs. In this highly competitive market you need to stand out as a superstar to qualify for these opportunities. What are the four most competitive jobs in the financial industry and how can you set yourself apart from the rest of the field?


  • Controllers. This role is essentially the financial back bone of an organization. They set the rules and chose the programs and methods that a company will use for all of their financial functions. Controllers usually have not only their CPA but also an MBA. This role is also considered a senior level position. Since controllers need a number of years’ experience the best way for candidates to set themselves apart is to demonstrate long-term employment and strong leadership skills.
  • Tax managers. The individuals who oversee all of the tax planning and reporting for an organization are Tax Managers. While much of this job is about recording and filing tax information it also has control over the regulations and ensuring that the business adheres to all the local, state, and federal tax requirements as well as any international laws that apply. This is also a career that requires a CPA along with a specialization on taxation. Recruiters suggest that the most important thing to be successful as a tax manager is to be open to change.
  • Senior Level Accountants & Analysts. These accountants are the analysts behind key decisions in the company. They review financial trends, costs, and overall operations. They also pay special attention to a firm’s assets and financial risks. Recruiters and hiring managers like to see candidates with CPAs and at least two years’ experience however experts are saying that most candidates are not meeting these requirements. Many of the best candidates for this role come from a public accounting background.
  • Valuation analysts. The market has been changing for some time and that creates interesting sub-specialties such as valuation analysts. These are the professionals who can determine the value of a business before it is sold. Being an expert at all financial subjects regarding business is essential. A valuation analyst needs to be certified and they must have a CPA to qualify. The best opportunities for candidates are those companies seeing long-term growth.

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