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Did you know there were simple add on extensions for your browser to monitor live stocks? Many of the popular internet brewers offer extensions which enhance the function of the browser on your computer. Both Google Chrome and Firefox offer a number of add-ons that can put the stock information at your fingertips. Here are two Firefox extensions and three Chrome extensions to consider adding to your browser and enhance your knowledge of the stock market.


  • Stock Ticker. This Firefox extension allows you to add a toolbar to the top of your browser to allow you to view a live stock ticker throughout the day. Track the Dow or the NASDAQ as you use your browser to conduct the rest of your daily internet business. This keeps the information at your fingertips without having to access a separate site or tool.
  • StockFox. Also available through Firefox is StockFox, a tool that allows you to have a scrolling bar of stock information as part of your browser. This can allow you to keep an eye on your investment and the rest of the market throughout the day.
  • Stock Tracker. If you prefer to use Google Chrome for your Internet browsing experience, they offer Stock Tracker which also creates a real time ticker in your browser window. You can monitor stock prices and continue browsing the internet at the same time.
  • MarketWatch. Another stock monitoring extension is Chrome’s MarketWatch which was created to work with This allows sales professionals to have all of the information they need when making sales and marketing calls to potential customers. Since it can be easily integrated with an already popular sales tool it is an easy choice for many businesses.
  • eToro Live Market. This extension, also called a widget, works with Chrome and mobile devices to give users fingertip access to the stock market. This product from eToro gives you real time information on the rates and trends for stocks and currencies all over the world.

What kind of tools do you use to keep up with the financial market? If you are looking for financial jobs in Dallas TX, contact us today.

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