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It can be hard with all the holiday commitments to stay focused on work in the month of December. Stress from family obligations and travel commitments can creep into everyone’s mind. Everyone from employees to management spend more time thinking about anything but the job during the holiday season. The work still needs to get done so how can you motivate your employees to stay focused. Here are a few simple ways to keep your team motivated during December. 

  • Give the gift of time.  This seems counterintuitive, but it really works. Allow your employees to take a day off to finish their shopping or decorating and they will be more focused when they get return work.  If you’re concerned about office coverage, stagger the time off among your team so there is always someone available. You will be surprised at how well this works with keeping your staff motivated and on task throughout the rest of the year.
  • Year-end cleaning. While you still need certain functions and duties to continue during the holidays, you may also find that business is slower because everyone else is focused on the season as well. Take this time to clean the office and get everything organized and in its place for the New Year. Go through year end paperwork and make sure everything is in compliance with retention laws. Clean out the fridge to eliminate the mystery containers that accumulate over time.
  • Don’t skip the holiday party. Relaxation and celebration are powerful motivators for everyone on your team, including yourself. Get into the spirit of the season and throw an office party. Pay attention to your budget and work within it. You can host a dinner at a fancy restaurant or you can have a pot luck in your own office. Have an ugly sweater contest or allow your team to decorate their cubes for the holiday. Allowing everyone to step away from work and have fun is a great holiday treat.

Do you want more ideas for motivating yourself and your staff during the holidays? If you are looking for employment agencies in Phoenix, contact us today. 

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