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The jobs landscape is changing as is the population of available and qualified candidates. If you’re looking for the right ways to hire and manage professionals in the millennial generation there are some things that will help you attract them to your business. Generation Y works very differently than any generation before them and it is important to speak the same language. Here are some tips for attracting millennial accountants to your firm.

  • Social media and branding. Gone are the days of Monster advertisements and even posts on Craigslist. Millennials have grown up using social media since they were very young and their interaction with those sites is critical for communication with them. Be active on sites like Facebook and Twitter and build a brand image to which they can relate. Participate in conversation and create an environment that is appealing to Gen Y.
  • Provide excellent work/life balance. Millennials have a very different idea of how to balance their work and their personal life than Baby Boomers. Generation Y wants to be in control of their free time and not feel obligated to their employer. It is important to create a workplace that allows for millennial employees to feel comfortable with their time management. If they have this kind of freedom they will be very dedicated on the job.
  • Have a mentorship program with your senior staff. Millennial accounting professionals like to know that they have an opportunity for career growth. Having an opportunity to learn from Baby Boomers and Generation X accountants can give the Gen Y professional an edge. By providing a mentorship program you will also engage your senior staff and show them that you value their contributions to the workplace as well.
  • Collaboration and accessibility of management. Two other aspects that are very important to Millennial employees are collaboration and manager accessibility. Generation Y is use to collaborating with their peers in school and in team activities. This will carry over to the workplace. Give them an opportunity to work with others in the office. Also, make sure that they have access to management to discuss their work or anything else that is on their minds. Generation Y likes to be able to discuss issues in real time.

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