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As we enter 2014 and the overall job climate continues to improve throughout the United States, the Dallas Fort Worth areas are still largely considered some of the best cities to live and work. There are several expectations for the New Year when it comes to employment, including higher wages, and Dallas is poised to remain at the top of its game this coming quarter. Here is a look at the DFW job landscape for 2014.

  • 21% of Texas companies plan to hire in the first quarter. The outlook for jobs in the state is second best in the country following North Dakota. The expectation for growth from companies in Texas is higher than the national rate. 26% of companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area expect to be hiring after the first of the year. This means better employment opportunities for individuals already in the area as well for those moving to DFW.
  • Dallas is one of the top cities for jobs in 2014. In the list of top cities for employment in 2014, 3 Texas communities are ranked among the top 5, including Dallas. Some of the cities without growth are expected to be Buffalo, New York and Chicago, Illinois. The Dallas area is continuing to grow in several industries and is still a great place for a job search. This information is not only attracting candidates to the areas but also for companies searching for the right community for their businesses.
  • Industries to expect growth in Dallas. Looking forward to 2014 it is expect that the top markets for new jobs will be in hospitality, industry, and professional services. Technology is also continuing to grow in the region creating an alternative environment to the Silicon Valley and driving innovation. Government, health and education services are expected the least growth.
  • Temporary employment to drive growth. Many companies in the DFW area are utilizing the staffing companies in the region to help them with their hiring. 2014 will be another year where temporary employment and staffing will be high for local companies. Employers are looking to the temporary market to ensure that they are making the correct hire before investing in a permanent job offer for an untried candidate. Those in the hunt for new jobs should consider working with staffing services to assist with the job market.

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