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 There is no denying that LinkedIn is one of the most important tools you can have in your information technology job search. One particular feature is the LinkedIn Pulse. When you log into your LinkedIn account, Pulse is automatically at the top of your screen and based on your personal history with LinkedIn will provide only stories that are relevant to your industry or experience. Here are a few simple tips for using Pulse to keep up to date on IT Industry news.

  • Customize your Pulse feed. Click on “see your news” at the bottom of the Pulse window on the LinkedIn homepage. This will allow you to select industries and influencers who can provide insight and information in the IT world. Follow thought leaders in the mobile technology, internet security, and programming worlds. Follow for all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, and Unix. Understanding the trends in all of these will help you stay on top of new information.
  • Download the Pulse app on your smart phone or other device. Mobile connectedness is a cornerstone of today’s market. LinkedIn makes is easy to keep up with news 24 hours a day or whenever you want to access it at your fingertips. You can sign in with your LinkedIn account information and it will prompt you to select from several suggestions about channels to follow. From your home screen you will have easy access to news in your industry. This is perfect for reading in a waiting room or on a train.
  • Share what you’ve found. To share your IT knowledge with your network is equally as important. Each day as you read through the news, choose one story to share on your LinkedIn page. When you read a post on your mobile device three icons appear at the top. These allow you to “like” the story, comment, or share it. When you click share you can type a personalized message that will appear with the link on your LinkedIn status.

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