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Where does your firm stand in regards to a competitive accounting salary in 2014? It is important to know the trends for pay ranges in your area and your field to negotiate with quality candidates during their job hunt. In the greater Dallas area there are a variety of factors, which play into accounting salaries. To ensure that negotiations are fair for both you and the potential employee, research salaries in the area before you make an offer. Here are some basics to keep in mind about accounting salaries in the Dallas area.


  • The size of the organization will matter. Larger firms have the ability to pay a higher salary even to entry level candidates. Smaller companies will not but may have the ability to offer additional benefits. The median salary in Dallas for multiple accounting roles is around $60,000, which is very close to the national average. This will depend not only on the size of the organization but also the specific functions of the role. ┬á
  • What is the growth rate for your field? Depending on the level of accountant you’re hiring, the salary can vary widely. Here are some typical roles and their average salaries in the Dallas areas. A staff accountant can earn around $48,000 while a CPA averages $78,000 annually. Accounting managers can receive a salary closer to $86,000 while senior accountants are paid closer to the Dallas area median at $60,000.
  • Other trends to consider when negotiating salary. Your company’s geographic location will play a large role in the amount of money you can offer incoming accountants. Firms located in the heart of Dallas can pay more than organizations in the surrounding areas. Career growth often occurs faster in metropolitan areas as well. Government roles will pay less than those in the private sector. Ultimately, there will be a number of factors in place when you negotiate salary with a star candidate. Be fair to their experience and consider your budget when making a decision.

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