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With all of the available advice for job seekers about how or why to accept a job offer, where is the information for employers to consider when it comes to negotations? How do we make the right offer to ensure that our hand-picked candidate accepts the job? As a business owner or manager it is your responsibility to make hiring decisions that impact your company so it is useful to know how to succeed. Here are a few professional tips to help ensure that your star candidate choses your company.

  • Don’t keep them in the dark financially. With online research becoming much more popular and accessible your potential candidates will be able to research your company’s financial status before ever speaking with you. No one wants be laid off within a few months or a year of accepting a new job. The more honest you are the more the candidate will trust you and your business.
  • Keep a close eye on social media. Their internet search won’t be limited to your financial viability. Today’s super-connected world means that even if you don’t intend to have a social media presence, you probably do. People will share their experience with your company and call it out by name. The best way to handle this is to create and monitor your social media accounts and interact in a positive way with your audience. Keep an up to date blog on your website to increase positive SEO.
  • Introduce them to top management of the company. Corporate culture is a big deal when you’re hiring the right person for your job. You want to make sure that your new employee gets along with others in the office, especially management. Look for things they may have in common that can enhance their professional working relationships.
  • Let them know the reason they are needed. “Why is this job open?” should be among the first questions a candidate asks. Open communication especially about possible uncomfortable situations can actually increase their trust of you and your business. Let them know why the opportunity is open whether it is because someone moved away or they were fired for being unable to handle the job. This information can help your employee see themselves succeeding in the role.
  • Don’t make the money the main sticking point. Salary negotiations are sometimes where job offers lose their steam. Before you begin advertising for the opening research the job and the salary expectations for your area. Once you begin interviewing, listen to the candidate’s requirements before closing negotiations. Letting a superstar walk away because you couldn’t agree on a relatively small amount of money can be detrimental for your business.

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