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You’ve gone through the resume review process, the interview process, and are about to make an offer. Next thing you know, your superstar candidate informs you that they are no longer available. Why? It is important to understand the reasons these potential employees are going elsewhere rather than accepting a job with your organization. Here are a few of the major reasons you may be losing out on great candidates.

  • Not providing feedback. Whether you’re recruiting in house or working with a staffing company, one of the biggest issues with candidate fall-off is a lack of timely feedback. While you shouldn’t rush to a decision either, you should also not wait to share your information with the candidate or recruiter. Often employers will interview a number of candidates over several weeks and not follow up throughout the process. Job seekers are not halting their search to hear back so they may receive another job offer while they are waiting for you to respond. Once you lose them to another company it may be impossible to woo them back.
  • Sell your company. While it is generally accepted that the job hunt is about providing skills for the hiring company it is also important to consider what the employee needs in return. If your business is not competitive in terms of salary, benefits, or work/life balance your superstar candidates will choose other employment options. Evaluate what you have to offer and determine if it meets the needs of incoming employees. Review things like your compensation structure, flexible schedule options, and additional perks that you can offer.
  • Work with a staffing service. Your local staffing agency has access to hundreds of pre-qualified candidates who may be an excellent fit for your organization. By working with an agency recruiter you can concentrate on running your business while they source, interview, and submit candidates for your review. Follow up with the recruiter to let them know your thoughts on each of the candidates which can help them narrow down the right choice for you. They will also offer a temp to hire solution so you can bring someone onboard and determine together if they are a match for your organization.

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