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Like it or not, social media is here to stay. This means that in order to remain competitive in the job market and in your career it is important to embrace this new media and use it to your advantage. Social media is all about personal branding and marketing, something that isn’t always a top priority for accounting professionals. Here are just a few ways you can use social media to enhance your accounting career.

  • Be professional. It is easy to be professional on a site like LinkedIn since the whole experience was designed for career networking. But what about sites like Facebook and Twitter. So many people make the mistake of viewing those sites as strictly personally. Twitter is 100% public and searchable by potential employers so it is important to be aware of your tone and the content you are sharing on all social media sites.
  • Be dynamic. On the flipside, social media is meant for interaction. You want to produce and post content that will be interesting to readers. One suggestion by career coaches is to create a blog where you can share your expertise with readers. Use this content to post to your social media and promote your knowledge. Try to keep the information 80% educational and 20% promotional.
  • Be valuable. Social media while you’re searching for your next career move should be all about what you can bring to the table. You want to showcase your accomplishments in such a way that employers will be knocking down your door to learn more. Searching for a job should be about the things that you can do for an employer, not the other way around.
  • Be seen. Using social media isn’t much of a benefit if you’re not where people are looking. You need to join groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn where employers spend most of their time. Also, be sure to include important keywords in your profiles so recruiters and hiring managers can find your information easily.
  • Be consistent. However, none of these steps will benefit you if you do not spend time on social media. Consistent content is key. If you only post an update once a month, infrequently, or erratically then you will not be picked up by searches. Make an effort to share information on your social media channels regularly.

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