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Open Source has been a big buzz among information technology developers and hobbyists for quite some time. Today, hiring managers are encouraging IT professionals to take some of their time to contribute to open source projects, especially while they are looking for a job. Using resources such as open source programming and other collaborative projects can help get your foot in the door at a top company here in Houston. Here are some of the many reasons that Open Source can help you in your job search.

  1. Keep active while looking for a job. If you have been out of work one of the most important things you can impart on a hiring manager is what you have been doing with your time. Contributing to open source projects on a volunteer basis can be added to your resume to demonstrate how you’re keeping your skills sharp. One of the top suggestions for people out of work is to volunteer their time. As a developer you have a unique opportunity to volunteer very specific skills in the market place.
  2. Showcase your ability to code. Participating in open source projects can give prospective employers a way to see the results of your skills when it comes to coding. With the access to open source programming by both programmers and businesses they can see what contributions you made that enhanced the overall product. Tell employers about the project you’ve worked on and, if you can, show them how it works.
  3. Tap into a project source like GitHub. There are many available open source projects and you can find them of them on websites such as GitHub. Review the projects available and determine which are best for contributing your skills, knowledge, and resources. Talk with local maker’s groups and other organizations that may also have information on projects in need of your experience.
  4. Demonstrate your collaborative efforts. Another key aspect to employment in this decade is collaboration. Open source projects give you an opportunity to collaborate with a variety of individuals. This can show potential employers that you aren’t an old-school programmer content to sit by yourself in a quiet office and work. Show that you thrive on communication and collaboration in the workplace.

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