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Your business may be in the process of searching for new talent or for a skilled employe to fit an existent role. Hiring is a time-consuming process. You may want to consider working with a local staffing company. The wrong decision can be costly and affect the flow of your business long-term. The benefits of working with a local firm can be exponential for your company. Here are just a few reasons to partner with a staffing agency.

  • Skilled, local candidates. An agency is in the business of searching for, pre-screening, and vetting candidates for your jobs. They have access to countless local job seekers, all of whom bring specific skills to the table. Contacting an agency to discuss your needs is an involved project so they can get to know your business and find the right fit for your company environment. They may even have a few professional candidates in mind from the start.
  • Expanded networks. Staffing services also spend time building networks with other organizations and industries in the Dallas Fort Worth area. This allows them to find passive job seekers or those who aren’t currently seeking a job but would consider the right opportunity. You can benefit from the work that recruiters do every day.
  • Get to know your business. A local staffing company wants to provide customized service to your business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. They will want to set up a face to face meeting to get to know you and your office environment. This will give them the best perspective when contacting candidates for your company. You can also work with a company who specializes in your industry.
  • Continued support in the process. A recruiter’s role isn’t over when your new employee is placed on the job. You can work with your service to establish a temporary to hire agreement which will give you a chance to see a candidate at work before making a job offer. Your contacts at the agency can give you additional insight on salaries or human resources information.

Are you looking to partner with a top DFW service? Three Pillar, one of the leading staffing agencies in Dallas TX, can help you today!

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