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Accounting is a competitive market. In your quest for the right long-term career, using your accounting skills and knowledge, you may wish to consider a role as a senior accountant. This opportunity offers several unique benefits. Reviewing your background to determine if senior accounting is in your future can be a rewarding exercise. Here is a look at some of the things expected from a senior accountant and what they can expect in return.

  • In demand role. In spite of some hesitation in the recovery of the economy, accounting roles are one of the strongest industries. The unemployment rate for accountants at the senior level has remained low throughout the last several years. Candidate with specialist experience are also experiencing higher rates of employment than other industries. Regulatory and compliance are two of the top skills staff and senior accountants can bring to the table.
  • Key qualifications. A senior accountant is responsible for supervising the accounting staff, preparing financial statements, risk assessments, budget preparations, and maintaining the overall integrity of the department. To do this employers are looking for several qualifications. You must have at least three years’ experience in accounting and corporate finance, good communication skills, experience with financial software and other technology skills. Experience with enterprise resource planning systems, or ERPs, are also highly valued. Must be organized and analytical and have thorough attention to detail. A CPA or CMA is also very helpful.
  • Salary expectations. A candidate in the Dallas area who possesses this background can expect a median base salary of $75,000, according to The total compensation including salary, healthcare benefits, personal time off, and bonuses can reach to around $112,000 annually. The Fort Worth annual salary is similar at around $74,000 with a total compensation package reaching $110,000. At the highest end of the spectrum candidates can expect to earn $90,000 a year in salary alone.

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