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When you’re in desperate need to fill the position in your company you may be tempted to make a quick decision. However, sometimes these employees are a poor fit with your organization for the long-term. How do you hire employees who will stick around? Here are a few tips for making the right hiring decision the first time.

  • Always interview. Even when you don’t have a current open position you should always be on the lookout for individuals who fit your corporate culture and mission. Continuously network. Proactive interviewing can mean that you don’t have to panic hire when a position becomes necessary to fill immediately. Just make sure you always keep candidates informed of where they are in the process.
  • Hire slow, fire fast. Bad hires don’t take long to spoil the entire office experience. They can impact morale, productivity, and the overall company culture in a negative way. Instead, have a more complex hiring process that allows for candidates to meet with multiple people in the organization. This can provide your team an opportunity to compare notes and determine if the person will be a good fit for the office as a whole.
  • Personality match. Some people refer to this as the airplane test. Can you see yourself sitting next to this person on an airplane for several hours? If not, they may not be a good fit for your company. You want to know they are a genuinely nice person who will be good to work with as well as someone who can handle the duties of the specific job.
  • Soft skills. Beyond the hard skills, like the ability to work with PowerPoint or experience in accounting, lie the soft skills. These are intangible personality traits that can’t be learned or measured conventionally. Match the soft skills to the values of your office. Do you need someone with excellent team building skills? Do you need someone who can think quickly on their feet?
  • Long term growth. You also want to know how this person can fit in your business long-term. What is their expectation for growth? Someone who wants to progress too fast may be as concerning as someone who doesn’t want to take on new functions over time. Make sure their ambition matches your company culture.

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