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The best employees are those who can be shaped as future leaders of your organization. They are self-starters and team-players and sometimes even multi-taskers. However, beyond all of the buzzwords lie real, tangible personality traits that make the best employees. Here are four things to focus on when looking at your next top employees and the key tricks to ensuring they will be successful at your company.

  • Intelligence. Intelligence is more than an IQ test can measure. For the top employees you need to see their intellectual skills, critical thinking skills, and emotional intelligence. There are many ways to evaluate a person’s intelligence including how they react in stressful situations and how they figure out complex problems.
  • Ownership. A real leader will never pass blame off on others. They will take responsibility for their own actions and make corrections. They will learn from mistakes and failure and use that information to become a better person. For a top employee you want to hire someone who takes ownership of everything they do; good or bad.
  • Work-ethic. This is no longer about who works the longest hours or someone with 40 year loyalty to a company before retirement. Work-ethic is about integrity. A good employee may not be one who works harder than everyone around them but rather works smarter. They understand how to get things done effectively and efficiently and represent the company well.
  • Teamwork. Good employees also know that they can’t do everything on their own. They work well with the rest of the team and understand that everyone has their skills and talents to contribute to the work that needs to be done. Evaluate how the employee works and interacts with others on the team. There should never be condescension or micromanaging.

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