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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers released a study in January of 2014 that indicates salaries rose for individuals in the engineering industry throughout 2013. This is good news for recent college graduates and experienced professionals in the industry. There is also an increase in demand for engineering skills and technology throughout the world. Here are just a few things about the way engineering careers can pay well and offer a rewarding future.


  • Hot jobs for engineers. According to the salary survey, the hottest jobs are in ocean engineering and petroleum. The median annual salary for these jobs in 2013 was between $130,000 and $137,000. Other concentrations that proved lucrative were computer services, fire protection, and nuclear energy each paying around $120,000 annually.
  • Big checks for recent graduates. A big challenge for many job seekers is they are told they don’t have enough experience. If you’ve recently graduated from college with a degree in engineering you can expect a starting salary around $55,000 depending on your location and the specialization.
  • Bigger checks for experienced engineers. A problem throughout the recession was that job seekers were consistently being told they were “overqualified” for the available positions. Engineering seems to be an industry immune from this issue. Engineers with over 25 years of experience can anticipate an average salary around $130,000 or more.
  • Invest in advanced degrees. While you can get a job in the engineering sector with your bachelor’s degree, there is evidence to support that having a master’s degree or a doctorate will translate into a bigger income. Someone with a BS can expect a median salary of $85,000 while a MS can draw closer to $95,000. If you have a doctorate you may be able to make around $120,000.
  • Jobs in DFW. The Dallas Fort Worth area is growing in terms of business and job availability. Engineering appears to be a great opportunity for professionals in the cities. Large companies seeking mechanical, electrical, civil, and computer engineers are moving into the area and are willing to pay good salaries for experienced professionals.


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