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Once you’ve reached the staff or senior accounting level in your career what is the next step? Most often the next level of an accounting career is controller. What is a controller? In general this is the individual who oversees all of the accounting and financial decisions of the organization. So what skills does a controller need to possess that is different form a staff accountant? Here are a few things to focus on when thinking about a transition.

  • Focus on adding soft skills to your technical and analytical experience. While most accounting positions focus heavily on accuracy, technical ability, and analysis a controller job involves management as well. A successful controller has developed soft skills that can help them manage employees, delegate tasks, and interact with customers.
  • Take continuing education courses. The best way to ensure that you are qualified for the next level of accounting and finance job is to continue your education to stay up to date on the most recent regulations and requirements. Look into trade industries and if they have programs for continuing financial education.
  • Brush up on your communications skills. Beyond the other soft skills controllers need to have excellent communications skills. They need to understand how to interact with people at all levels of the organization. Work on people skills and understand the best ways to communicate with different individuals.
  • Understand your competition and be in demand. Companies do need quality controllers but the competition is stiff. Many individuals looking to transition from senior level accounting to a new type of role and looking for this type of opportunity. A strong candidate will find a way to stand out among their competition. They will have not only the technical aptitude but also the soft skills that will take them over the edge.

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