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Businesses are coming to terms with the new employment paradigm. Professionals across the industries are adjusting to the new normal but that doesn’t mean they have to settle for less pay for the same work. The job market for Information Technology candidates in 2014 is showing that individuals are seeking larger salaries this year. With more confidence in the ability to find new jobs, IT professionals are leaving unsatisfactory situations to pursue more money along with a handful of other considerations. Here is a quick look at the IT trends in the marketplace.

  • Salary dissatisfaction is affecting retention. Because employees are more comfortable with the job market more of them are willing to seek a higher paying job at a new company. This means that organizations relying on top IT talent will need to adjust their internal retention methods to keep these key employees in their roles within the company.
  • Attract new candidates with competitive rates. New talent entering the market is also going to be looking closely at the salary ranges for available jobs. Offering salaries that are too low for recent college graduates to consider will cause them to seek employment elsewhere. Business owners and human resources managers are encouraged to review the average and median salary data for the Dallas market before making hiring decisions.
  • Offering additional incentives can help keep workers happy. However, most companies understand that the salary is not the only issue that influences worker retention. Providing additional incentives that might include bonuses or flexible schedules will also help retain good IT employees. It is also important to address other issues in the workplace including dissatisfaction with management and the dynamic of the individuals working on teams.
  • Salary for IT in Dallas. With all of the diversity within the IT marketplace it is nearly impossible to cover all the possible salary options. An IT Project Coordinator may make a median salary of around $85,000 in the Dallas area while a Project Engineer can expect closer to $96,000. The salaries will vary depending on the job duties and the location. Use resources such as or Glass Door to conduct research.

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