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Experts believe that the future of accounting is pretty bright. New trends are paving the way for experienced accounting professionals and those just entering the market to make big strides in the types of employment available to them. It is important to know what these trends are and how they can fit into your job search. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Changes in technology. Not only are banking and financial regulations changing but so is the technology that companies use for their accounting practices. Businesses want to work with accounting experts who already possess experience with new software. If you are in the job market it may be to your benefit to cultivate your experience around new technologies to sell yourself to top companies.
  • Healthcare accounting. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act there are already major changes with the way healthcare is billed and doctors work with insurance companies. An accountant with previous experience in healthcare will be highly valued by companies looking to expand their business or ensure compliance.
  • Non-traditional skills. Finally, the most important piece of the accounting puzzle may not lie in accounting skills at all. Soft skills like communication and organization are increasingly more important to businesses. Companies are also looking for accountants who speak more than one language. Bilingual accountants, especially Spanish speaking, are currently in demand all over the United States.

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