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Hiring is a complex process requiring hours of time and investment. When you’re deciding between skilled candidates how do you know who will fit best within your company. There was a time before the recession when companies would focus on hiring individuals who had potential and could be trained to do a specific job. This changed when companies were more focused on hiring specific individuals with very precise skills. It may be time to re-open your candidate search to less experienced individuals who can growth within your organization. Here are some reasons to consider trainable candidates.

  1. Desire to learn. Recent college graduates and others with limited experience in your industry generally have a strong desire to learn. They want to find a place that will give them stability and a skill they can use and build upon for the rest of their career. You will be surprised by their eagerness to learn your business once they are given a chance.
  2. Leadership potential. Inexperienced candidates also often show that they have long term leadership potential. It is impossible to teach someone leadership skills if they don’t already possess the right attitude and behaviors. Often these inexperienced candidates just need someone to show them how to apply the skills they already have.
  3. Fewer bad habits. Someone with extensive experience in your industry has already learned how to do their jobs. And how they do their job might not be consistent with how you prefer the job is done in your company. Inexperienced candidates have not yet learned bad habits that are impossible to break.
  4. Better loyalty. An inexperienced candidate will also likely have more loyalty to a company who has cultivated them than someone who comes in with experience. Someone who starts with a number of years of previous experience may be cynical when it comes to cultivating loyalty with a new company.
  5. Positive attitude. Along with bad habits and lack of trust, some more experienced candidates, especially if they have been on the job market for a long time, also bring a negative attitude to the table. An inexperienced candidate is generally eager to please, positive, and pays attention to detail.

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