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Layoffs are no fun for anyone. Companies don’t want to let employees go and employees are rightfully concerned about their employment prospects moving forward. If you’ve experienced a layoff from a financial services job there are several other options that could be available for you.

  • Freelance risk manager. Risk management is a big part of any business but small companies often don’t have the capital to employ dedicated individuals. As a freelance risk manager you can offer your services to businesses in your community who need a little extra help with setting up their risk management or navigating a problem.
  • Compliance professional. Similarly, procedures are an important part of business processes. Many businesses need to ensure that they are establishing the right compliance to conduct business in their industry. Offering services as a compliance professional can help kick start some small businesses.
  • Financial planner. With big changes in the mortgage industry over the last few years many financial professionals found themselves struggling to find another position. Some of the more successful job hunters landed in financial planning. It is an easy leap from mortgages to helping individual with their overall finances.
  • Government work. If jobs aren’t available in the private sector near you, there may be opportunities in the public sector. Apply with your city, state, or county offices to see if job openings existing in government work.
  • Move to a big financial city. However, it may also be the case that the job you’re seeking simply is not available in your area. If you are flexible you may consider moving to cities with big prospects in finance. Look into startups in big cities like Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago or San Francisco.
  • Financial recruiter. Another option for some financial professionals is to switch gears and use your expertise to find others with the right aptitude for financial work. Recruiter positions could be available in both internal corporate settings or for agencies that specialize in financial staffing.
  • Go back to school. However, sometimes advancing your knowledge and education can be the best way to land your next opportunity. Consider going back to school to update your experience or learn something new altogether.

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