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Any time you start the hiring process it is a good idea to refresh yourself with interviewing tips and tricks that can help you find the best candidates. Information technology can be a broad category of jobs and each need requires specific skills and background.

6 Interview Tips to Help You Find the Right Candidate For Your Company

  • Don’t talk too much. As the interviewer you should allow the candidate to do most of the talking. Ask them questions that determine how much they know about the job. Learn about their experience and if it is a good fit for your opportunity. Some hiring managers make the mistake of dominating the conversation and really have no information with which to judge the candidates.
  • Have more than one person interview each candidate. It is always good to compare notes with others in your office to better understand the quality of each candidate. Allow candidates to speak with people at different levels to see if they treat managers differently than they treat coworkers or the receptionist.
  • Sell your company culture. What you should talk about is your corporate culture. Why do they want to work for you? Employment should be a give and take and rather than focusing entirely on what someone can do for your company, tell them what benefits your company has for them.
  • Read their resume. Candidates can see red flags too. The worst is when they are meeting with a manager who hasn’t even read their resume. Just before their appointment, reacquaint yourself with their background and experience. If you can, look at their website or LinkedIn profiles.
  • Have standardized questions. The best way to compare candidates to one another is to compare their answers to the same questions. This gives you a good idea of who will be a better fit within your organization.
  • Be prepared for negotiations. Money is a hot button issue for a lot of people. Some candidates aren’t willing to ask for what their worth and some managers feel that employees should be grateful for any salary at all. However, most analysts believe that the skills gap which is causing companies to be unable to find qualified employees is not caused by a lack of skills but by salary inequality.

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