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Are you in the market for your first finance job after college? Or maybe you are transitioning your career into finance after working in another sector? There are a few tips and tricks that can help you with your job search and to eventually land the right job to kick start your finance career.

4 Things You Can do Starting Today to Help in Your Search.

  • Target companies. Sometimes job seekers get too caught up in responding to ads or job postings online. Instead, consider directly targeting the companies for whom you would like to work. Use resources such as LinkedIn to find organizations and contact information. Even if they aren’t looking for someone immediately you may make an important connection.
  • Begin to network. Not only should you build up a professional network on LinkedIn but you should take that skill to the streets. Join a local chapter of a professional organization for your specific type of financial career. Go to events and seminars to meet others in the industry. Have business cards that point them to an online portfolio, blog, and resume.
  • Focus on your resume. Speaking of resume, it is important that you’re creative about it when you’re looking for your first job. You may be a recent college graduate without much real world experience. Or you may be someone transitioning from an unrelated career. In either case, you want to include information on your resume that would capture the attention of potential employers. Include skills you have obtained and specific achievements that relate to the career you’re after.
  • Find a mentor. Someone who is already working in the field, or perhaps a professor, can be an excellent sounding board as you begin to navigate your first job search. They can give you tips about how they got started, point you in the right direction, and even help you overcome mistakes you’ve made.

Are you looking for a new step in a finance career?

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