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Companies are always looking for new ways to motivate their employees and increase productivity. Simply recognizing an employee’s contributions is an important component of the process but it doesn’t end there. According to the DOL, the majority of unsatisfied employees leave their jobs because they didn’t feel appreciated. What other things can you do for your employee recognition programs to not only show employees that you value them on the job but to also encourage them to increase productivity?

4 Ways to Boost Productivity Through Employee Recognition

  1. Personalize recognition. Rewards in the office can sometimes backfire because they seem to general. An employee might believe that it really doesn’t matter how much effort they apply to their job because everyone gets a pat on the back anyway. Instead, personalize your recognition program as much as possible. Truly award individuals who have gone above and beyond the necessary functions of their roles.
  2. Aim for long term appreciation not short term goals. It is fine to reward your team when they complete a project but you also want to ensure that you are appreciating them for everything they do. Otherwise, they may still focus more on the times when they don’t receive positive reinforcement and interpret it negatively.
  3. Don’t make them predictable. Employee of the month clubs are a nice gesture but when the team begins to notice the same things happening over and over again they are no longer seen as motivating. Spice things up a bit and do completely unpredictable things to get everyone excited about the unknown possibilities.
  4. Emphasize the fun in the office. Lastly, make sure that you emphasize the fun of working in your office. It doesn’t always have to be a nose to the grindstone environment. Plan fun things into your work week that have nothing to do with whether or not someone has performed well on the job. This will keep them wanting to show up every day and get them engaged.


Do You Want More Ideas to Motivate Your Team?

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