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When you’re looking for your next job how do you know that it will be right for your long term goals and career path? There are a few things you should keep in mind during your job search to ensure that you are staying true to your ultimate goals in the long term.

5 Steps to Find the Right Job for You

  1. Evaluate the experience not the money.
    While the right salary is important when considering a job offer it isn’t the only piece to review. Does the experience of the job help you in the long term? How close is the money to your requirements? What other benefits does this job offer? Narrowing your focus on the salary could limit your career.
  2. Get your CPA.
    Candidate with their CPAs have more choices in their career than those who don’t have it. Businesses are becoming more regulated by the day and CPAs will be in high demand in public and private accounting sectors. There is even some projection that CPAs will have a better shot at executive positions in the years to come.
  3. Don’t get sidetracked.
    When accepting a new position make sure it keeps you on track for your career. Never take your focus off of the direction you want to travel. Don’t accept jobs that will steer you away from what you imagined your career being. With some perseverance you can remain focused on in line with your ultimate goals and upward mobility.
  4. Find a mentor.
    A mentor can be a great sounding board as you advance in your career. They can help with advice, answer questions, and talk you though mistakes that you’ve made. You may not find a mentor in the obvious places so look throughout your career at the people who have inspired you and reach out to form a closer relationship.
  5. Help others in their career.
    In turn, when you have an opportunity you should help others who are also on their career path. Teaching other accounting candidates what you know about finding a job or working with corporations can help you become a stronger candidate yourself. Helping people along the way gives you essential management skills you’ll need in your career.

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