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The millennial generation, also called generation Y, is quickly becoming the biggest group in the workplace. It will be nearly impossible to ignore the different ways they prefer to work or to shoehorn them in to traditional situations where they are not comfortable. How does someone from the boomer or X generations determine who is the best millennial candidate for their jobs?

5 Reasons to Hire Millennials

  • They expect diversity. The Generation Y has always lived in a diverse world and they expect the workplace to reflect that. They are not caught up on labels. Millennials in your workplace will encourage and demand diversity among their coworkers. You will begin to notice it happening organically.
  • They thrive with collaboration. Millennials expect to work together toward a common goal. They like to have work spaces that allow for this level of collaboration. They want to discuss ideas and work off of each other as much as they can. This kind of collaboration will absolutely promote innovation in your workplace.
  • They are always in communication. Generation Y grew up with the internet and social media. While some of the older generations see this as a negative trait, the millennials view it as anything but. They are always communicating with each other even when they aren’t in the same space. This opens up new opportunities for them to explore. They will also help bring this kind of social technology to your office.
  • They need a flexible work life. Millennials demand a positive work/life balance. They need to know that their schedule is flexible and that their performance is based on results rather than hours sitting at the same desk. They are also really good at self-managing and managing each other in this process.
  • They must feel engaged. This generation is also looking for engagement at all levels. They want to feel challenged in their jobs. They get very distracted when they are doing the same repetitive tasks over and over again. Millennials are extremely driven to succeed and if they don’t see upward growth with your company they won’t have a problem moving on.

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