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Job seeking can be an exhausting process. After sending out resumes and facing rejection you have to sit face to face with an interviewer who is there to judge you on your ability to work at their company. It can be enough to drive a person crazy. However, getting too sloppy with the job search can lead to major mistakes that can cost you the opportunity for employment.

3 of the Biggest Job Interview Mistakes (And How to Fix Them!)

  1. Speaking negatively about a former employer or coworker. Negativity is an immediate red flag for a future employer. Speaking about how much you disliked your managers or coworkers will only cause the interviewer to wonder if you will feel the same while working for their company. Even if you were dissatisfied with your previous job experience never let the potential employer know that. Always have a positive attitude and describe your reasons for leaving as means for personal growth and development.
  2. Sharing too much of your personal life information. There are certain interview questions an employer can’t ask. The reason for this is to help avoid any accidental discrimination and bias hiring during the process. Job seekers sometimes make the mistake of offering too much personal information when it wasn’t requested. Don’t discuss your financial situation, your marital status, or anything else that has no bearing on your ability to do the job. Also, don’t bring anyone to the interview with you. It may be surprising to learn this but it is a common situation for job interviews.
  3. Not taking the opportunity to share why you are the best candidate. Many of us are taught from a young age that we shouldn’t brag about ourselves. However, a hiring manager wants to know why they should choose you over another candidate. This is your chance to demonstrate your successes. Talk about your accomplishments. Brag a little about your ability to outperform your competition. As a job seeker it is your job to sell your skills to the employer, so don’t miss an opportunity to do it.

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