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Not every day is going to be a great day. However, if you find that you are having more bad days than good your routine might be in a slump. How do you stay focused and determined in your accounting career or job search when you’re feeling less than enthusiastic about every day activities? We can help!

4 Ideas to Help You Stay Focused and Determined throughout Your Career

  • A change of professional scenery may be just the thing to get you re-energized. Local organizations often need free help with bookkeeping and accounting so find a group in your community that speaks to you. Volunteer some of your free time to work with them on their financial profile and information.
  • Go back to school. Maybe you feel like you have done all you can in your current role. Spice up your experience by learning new skills. Take a professional development course or go back to your local college for additional classes in your skill-set.
  • Talk to your boss. If you’re feeling trapped in your job it may be time to talk to your manager to find out if there are any additional things you can do to move your role to the next level. Companies never want to lose loyal, experienced individuals so they will want to work with you to find new ways you can feel more challenged in your current job.
  • Take time off. Finally, if you really feeling like you’re stuck in quick sand or just treading water the best short term fix is to take some time off. Some accountants have a reputation of hoarding vacation days. There is no moral victory to having too many days left to take at the end of the year. Schedule a vacation or even a long weekend and don’t think about your job once while you’re out of the office.

Are You Interested in Boosting Your Accounting Career to the Next Level?

Three Pillar Professional Staffing and Consulting can help! Our team of skilled recruiters can assist you in your job search to help you boost your career to the next level. Contact our team today for more information on how we can positively impact your job search.

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