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Managing millennials is a different experience than previous generations. Baby boomers worked on changing the world while becoming the biggest generation in the workplace with a strong work ethic and corporate values. GenX was known as the slacker generation but more of them are in entrepreneurial and management positions than any other group today. Millennials are quickly taking over the workplace so how do you effectively onboard them and manage them moving forward.

5 Things You May be Forgetting When Bringing New Employees on Your Team


Different approaches for different generations.

Millennials react differently to the same situations than either Generation X or Baby Boomers. With this in mind it is important to change the direction of how you manage each generation based on their learning styles and expectations.

Important training techniques.

Before hiring millennials into your business understand the ways they learn best. Some of them may learn by doing others may be better with listening and writing information down. It is essential that you work with each candidate to learn how they receive information in the best way to ensure success.

Be open to lots of questions about how things are run.

Baby Boomers were known at one time as a group that bucked the establishment, but then they became the establishment and change was difficult to handle. Millennials want to know all the inner workings about how a corporation is run. They want to know how they fit in and how every other person plays a part in the greater operations.

Encourage collaboration.

Most importantly, millennials grew up with collaboration and they thrive in that environment. When hiring a new millennial you need to give them an opportunity to work with others to innovate and create new solutions to existing problems. Once given the reins they can change the world.

Make the workplace fun.

GenY also wants to ensure that they have a great work/life balance and that also means sometimes you need to blur the lines a little bit. They want to have fun while they’re working or they will get easily bored. They want lots of team bonding experiences that help with collaboration and creativity.

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