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It can be beyond frustrating when you’re working in a role and don’t see any financial reward after six months or a year. It can be equally as frustrating when you don’t get what you expect after a negotiation. However, there may be multiple reasons you’re not seeing a raise, or the raise you want, in your salary.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Seeking a Raise


You Didn’t Do Your Homework.

Before you walk into any negotiation you have one job: research. Today’s digital information age makes it exceptionally easy to find information on what a job should pay in your area. Use to determine what your job is worth and use that as a starting point for your negotiations.

You Don’t Understand Your Value.

Another issue is a lack of confidence. Not all businesses are scrupulous when it comes to paying what someone is worth. If you are being paid less than the median income for your specific job it may be because you don’t understand the true value of what you have to offer. Confidence can go a long way in negotiations.

You Can’t Demonstrate Why.

In order to get the best offer from your current or future employee you need to justify why it is you want to make the amount you’re requesting. You should have information about your contribution to the company, the expectations for your role, and what it might cost to hire another person in your role rather than maintain the current relationship.

You Don’t Ask.

Finally, the number one reason someone doesn’t get a raise is because they never mention it. You can’t be mad at an employer who doesn’t offer more money. It is easy to feel like you’re being cheated but you have to take ownership over your own situation. If you feel that you’re worth more money put in the work to research why and then approach your manager to have a discussion.

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