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Bad leadership skills can really take a toll on employees in the workplace. It is important as a manager to be effective to instill confidence and encourage your team to work hard for you for a long time. Sometimes managers don’t fully realize how their bad habits are affecting employee performance.

6 Common Behaviors of Bad Leaders


  • They don’t listen. A good leader takes their employees ideas, concerns, and thoughts into consideration on a regular basis. Being able to take criticism as well as positive feedback is extremely important as a manager so you can’t just sweep your employees’ feelings under the rug. If you have an open door policy really listen to what people have to say and take positive action.
  • They don’t use employee’s talents. While you may believe that everyone in your office has a certain duty to uphold a good manager will observe the strengths and weaknesses in their employees and use their talents in the most constructive way. It is easy to put the puzzle pieces together once you’re willing to stand back and look at the whole picture.
  • They don’t show appreciation. Good managers let their employees know that their contribution is valued. There should be programs in place to reward employees for a job well done. There should also be ways to spontaneously encourage employees to keep up the good work. These are all positive motivators on the job.
  • They aren’t transparent with information. Bad leaders often withhold important information from their employees. This can lead to low employee morale and more trouble in an office. Instead, provide as much information as possible to all levels of employees so they can see what is happening and what happens next.
  • They restrict access to other leaders. Bad managers also try to keep employees from going over their heads. A good manager rarely experiences an employee trying to report anything to a higher authority but they wouldn’t stop someone from doing so if they felt it was necessary.
  • They act as bullies to get their way. Finally, one of the most common traits of bad leaders is bullying. Everyone has experienced the abusive boss but few are willing to do much about it besides quit which will never stop the cycle. Bad managers may yell and scream in the office. They may throw tantrums if things don’t go their way. They may punish the wrong people in situations. This can lead to major problems in the workplace.

Even Great Leaders Need Help Sometimes!

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