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Performance reviews can be worse for the managers providing them than for the employees on the receiving end. Effectively conducting a performance review can be a good experience for both the manager and the employee. Before you decide they are simply too much work consider these tips for improving the experience and making reviews count.

Have a Pre-Meeting.

Before either you or your employee launch into the official meeting for the performance review offer a pre-meeting to discuss the expectations and the ways both of you can better prepare. This can help ease the nerves of your employee and provide you with important insight to focus on during the review.

After the pre-meeting, spend some time really evaluating your employee’s performance. Don’t just rush through it; spend time on the information to prepare a useful review that can help your employee succeed moving forward.

Two Way Conversation.

Never dominate the review; you want your employee to provide feedback on you as a manager and their experience with the company. You want to know if they are satisfied with their job or if they feel there are any improvements they could make.

Establish expectations.

Before you leave the meeting make sure that both of you understand the expectations moving forward. Give them tasks to accomplish that will improve their performance but also give yourself action items that will help them succeed long term.

Open Communications All Year Round.

Finally, don’t only rely on annual reviews for providing or getting feedback. Make sure that your employees know you are always available for questions, concerns, or discussions and that you are willing to take positive actions based on their feedback.

How Can You Make Your Performance Reviews More Effective?

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