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4 Things to Consider when Applying for a Senior Auditor Position



Audit Planning.

A senior auditor will need to work with established audit plans within the company. They will be required to perform the audit while adhering to these standards and ensure it can be completed within the budget and scope parameters. They will also be required to develop and contribute to the audit planning process during and after the audit.

Analysis and Testing.

An auditor will be responsible for the analysis and testing of key business processes to ensure that the adequate control environment has been established. The financial information needs to be accurate according to specific guidelines.


The senior auditor is expected to collaborate with important corporate personnel who are involved in the business processes. They must participate in presentations and discussions regarding their findings as well as provide details on resolutions of outstanding audit issues.


The right candidate will have a bachelor’s degree and experiencing in accounting or auditing. They must understand current compliance requirements such as SOX. Someone with ACL or SAP experience will be highly preferred. A senior auditor must be able to communicate effectively with all levels of management. Someone with a desire to work toward a certification such as a CPA or CMA is highly desirable.

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