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Every job in your company is very important. Each candidate needs to be carefully hand-selected to fit in with the current office dynamic and provide the right skill set for the job. This is absolutely true for your IT department. With digital technology changing the face of business at such a rapid pace, your information technology specialists are no longer behind the scenes. They are responsible for much of your customer facing information and make the lives of those in the office much easier. Here are some resume screening tips so you can select the perfect IT candidate for your job.

Use the Right Language in the Job Posting.

Before you even begin to consider resume make sure that your advertising is asking for the right thing. Don’t create a laundry list of skills. Instead, use some key factors to attract candidates with the right experience and provide details about what it is like to work for your company.

Pay Attention to Filler Words Over Content.

On a resume especially make sure that the language they use has substance. For instance “team player” and “out of the box” really don’t mean anything. Look for accomplishments, key words, and experience.

Look for Specific Red Flags.

It is easy to spot red flags for lower level employees but how can you tell if an IT professional isn’t entirely what they say they are. Look for major gaps in employment, a lack of increased responsibilities, and frequent job changes. All of these can be cause for concern if they are not addressed properly.

Compare New Resumes to Those of Your Current Team.

What you really want from a new employee is someone who fits in with your already established team. Look at the resumes of your current team members and look for similarities. Now review the incoming resumes with this information in mind.

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