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With the fall semester coming to the end for many college seniors and the final push toward graduation beginning it is hard to imagine that college will be over this coming spring. It is never too early to get a head start on your career planning. Here are five job hunting tips for graduating college seniors in 2015.

Talk to the career office.

Your university will offer free resources to students. These include job postings, job fairs, and workshops on resume writing and interviewing. Take advantage of all of these opportunities. You may also be able to work with the career center to get connected to alumni who are working in your field who can act as a mentor.


Think about location.

Where do you want to live after graduation? Many graduates stay in their college town or move back to their home town, but this isn’t necessary. What is necessary is to build up a network in the area where you wish to work. Talk with friends and family and start to make connections.


Use the technology available.

A job search is a lot of work. It isn’t just about sending your resume and waiting to hear back. You want to write a cover letter, customize your resume, send a follow up email, call, and try to push the connection forward. This is a lot to organize and sometimes little things can fall through the cracks. Use a spreadsheet or an organizing app on your phone to help keep things on track. Set up search agents using Google alerts or other applications to help you find new opportunities.


Learn to negotiate.

Finally, the most important step in your job search may not be getting an interview; it is negotiating a salary once you’ve been hired. Many graduates don’t feel comfortable with financial negotiations and will often be given low offers because they will accept them. Research comparable salaries and cultivate your negotiating skills.


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