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Hiring failures happen, but they don’t have to. You can attract top talent to your company and keep them happy and engaged with just a few small tweaks. There are many factors that cause employee dissatisfaction and simply knowing what to avoid can help you maintain a good hiring standard. Here are some ways you can change your hiring process to attract top employees and keep them happy once they’re working with you.

  • Evaluate your hiring process. A top complaint from many job seekers is t they submit their resume, do several interviews, and then never hear another word again. Some companies fall into the trap of interviewing for too long to see what else is out there. But this is the way great candidates fall through the cracks. They will take other jobs and not consider your company worth working for. Shift your focus to communication. Don’t wait too long to make a decision, only interview a few top candidates, and let everyone know the results even if they weren’t hired. This will also keep good candidates in the pipeline if another position becomes available.
  • Sell your company culture. Top candidates may also pass on your company because your office culture isn’t attractive to them. Candidates today are looking for good work/life balance and benefits that will help them achieve success. You want to evaluate the culture you do have, your corporate mission, and your values. Next, use this information as a selling tool which will attract candidates who share your vision and will be committed to working with your company rather than a competitor.
  • Show your appreciation. Once you’ve hired a superstar you need to keep them engaged and active at the company. Work with them on career development tools that can help them learn new ways to contribute to your company. Thank them randomly throughout the year for doing a great job or going above and beyond your expectations. You can provide bonuses, incentives, or other awards to demonstrate that you value them as an employee.


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