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Looking forward to 2015 it is important to develop a strategy for success. Some people make sweeping New Year’s resolutions to help motivate them for the coming year. However, we believe that it is essential that new ideas are followed up with actions in order to be effective. In 2015, you may want to focus on efficiency in order to have better employee productivity. Luckily, there are several tools available to help an office improve. Here are some things to consider for the New Year.


This task management tool can help you prioritize and delegate projects throughout your office. You can use the technology to assign projects to different members of your staff and follow up with them in real time. You will receive updates as critical aspects of the project are completed. It will also help to monitor and regulate tasks. It is available for Android devices as well as desk and laptop computers.


This tool is elegant in its simplicity. It can be set up with any Gmail account to work as a task manager much like Producteev. It will track emails to ensure that no communications are missed for important aspects of the job. It can alert you when your email has not received a response in several days so you can follow up to ensure everything is taken care of.


This tool, available on the Cloud, allows your office to share information easily. You can share reports and generate data and charts that will help the team in the office understand the specifics of a project. The team can receive information and check for updates from anywhere on any device.


Finally, one of the best investments you can make for your company’s efficiency in the New Year is increase the office ergonomics. Look at the comfort of your office environment and make sure your team has the right chairs, computer screens, and any other tools they need to ensure that they are not susceptible to body pain as they work. You will begin to see these dividends quickly.

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