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Are you prepared for big growth in your business for 2015? Once you have developed your strategy it is important to know how human resources and hiring will play into your long term plans. Before you make any major decisions, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind.


Observe your competition.

We’re not talking about espionage, just the kind of stuff you can get from public sources. Look at their social media campaigns. Review their LinkedIn information. See if you can gain any insight from what they’re doing that you can apply to what you’re doing without outright stealing their ideas.


Develop deeper relationships with your clients.

It costs your company more money to get new customers than to keep old ones. Your loyal customers are with you for a reason so deepen your relationships with them to understand why they work with your company. Then use this information to establish new client relationships.


Consider new ways to streamline your current processes.

Technology is really changing the workplace. Digital media is giving people more options to access information online. What do your in-office systems look like? Are there options you can integrate to your current technology that will streamline your current processes? Are there things you can add to help take your business to the next level?


Review hiring for temporary and permanent employees.

What is your hiring strategy for 2015? Where can you add new employees to enhance your business? There are situations where a new permanent employee will be the right answers, including a replacement for a former employee. You may also want to consider adding temporary employees during peak business times so you don’t have to worry about their future.

If you’re looking to hire in 2015, give us a call!

At Three Pillar Professional Staffing and Consulting, we have the expert team of recruiters on hand to professionally assist you with your hiring needs. If you’re hiring in 2015, let our team assist you as you work to grow yours!

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