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There have been big changes in the accounting industry in the last several years. With the introduction of a number of technological solutions which help streamline processes and regulations to which companies need to adhere accounting has gone through a huge transformation. If you’re looking for a mid to senior level accounting job what is the best way to get started?

4 Ways to Land an Accounting Job As 2015 Begins

Social Recruiting.

The job boards of yesterday are quickly going out of fashion. Fewer and fewer companies and recruiters are relying on these boards to advertise their jobs and collect resumes. Instead, more are embracing social recruiting by reaching out to the networks where candidates are flocking including LinkedIn and Facebook. If you want to be found by the right accounting recruiters, you would be remiss not to create social media profiles.


Employer Research.

Candidates today are expected to know much more about the companies where they are interviewing than even the applicants of ten years ago. There are so many ways to access information including the company website, LinkedIn, and social media profiles. Do a Google search and try to find the most information possible before going on an interview so you’re prepared.


Targeted Marketing.

This applies to both candidates and companies. A job seeker can use their online researching skills to determine what organizations in their area, and around the country, will be a good match for them. They can hone their cover letters and resumes to match the company culture before applying. Companies are doing the same thing by searching for bloggers and industry experts to approach for openings.


Face to Face Networking.

Don’t reject the art of face to face networking in light of all the digital advancements in today’s world. Meeting someone and shaking hands is still a great way to make a business connection. Attend industry events in your area and ask LinkedIn connections to meet with you for coffee. Make connections between people you know to demonstrate your helpfulness.


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