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For years, since recovery began after the recession, employees have been fighting an uphill battle against the phrase, “you’re overqualified.” Companies focused their energy on finding exactly the right candidate that checked all of the right boxes, and only those boxes. This left talented, qualified individuals in the unemployment line.


As the hiring manager for IT in your company, should you really be concerned about overqualified IT candidates? Here is the real scoop.


Jobs will go unfilled longer.

If you automatically reject every candidate who has a little too much experience for the job than you were expecting you may have trouble filling the job. The longer a job remains unfilled the more money it is costing your company in lost productivity and revenue.


Candidates are eager to make a contribution.

A qualified candidate wants to work for you. They are interested in making an important contribution to your company and may be able to help with more than just their initial job description. Look at their loyalty to past companies and talk to them about their goals to see if they’re a fit for you.


More skills for the price.

If a very qualified candidate is interested in your opening at the salary you’re offering you would be remiss to not hire them. This is the very definition of “more bang for your buck.” In the long term they may not only earn their keep but justify a raise based on performance.


Consider upward mobility.

Many of the top technology companies employ a hiring strategy that could be called something like, “hire for this job and the next.” Business strategy is a lot like chess so you should always consider the possibility of future moves. An overqualified candidate may have skills that will benefit your company in the long term.


Shorter training time.

Probably the most important benefit of hiring someone with more experience than you were seeking is that they will take less time to train. They already have these skills, and more, so their biggest learning curve will be adapting to your company culture and work style.


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