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After the interview it’s time to concentrate on the next step: following up. In today’s competitive job market skipping this step could mean disqualification from the job. The true purpose of following up is to demonstrate that you understood the conversation and the job, reiterate your interest, and give them another chance to follow back up with you.


Here are the best ways to send a professional follow up email after your interview.

Send it Right Away

The first thing you do when you get home from the interview is send the follow up email. While you can mail a handwritten thank you note, that will take time. Instead you want to strike while the iron is hot. Email is perfectly acceptable in today’s digital age.


Point Out the Big Takeaway

You want to highlight a specific part of the interview that made an impression on you. This will cause the reader to remember the conversation rather than just rely on their notes. It also demonstrates that you were paying attention and are really thinking about the interview.


Send One to Every Person

If you met with multiple managers or potential coworkers at the meeting you should send individual emails. This shows them that you are considerate about their time. Don’t sent a form letter which can look bad when they compare notes.


Emphasize the Company Culture

Employers are looking for specific individuals who fit in with their existing corporate culture. You want to explain what you would like most about working for their company and how your work style would fit in. They can then envision you with the current team.


Watch Your Tone

Written communication does come with its own complications. Keep the email position and personal and try not to compromise any communications. You want to make them excited not distract them with emoticons or negativity.


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