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Today’s finance professionals can no longer compartmentalize their job and their lives like we have in the past. With constant data exposure through smart phones and tablets and increased pressure on the job it is important that we pay attention to our health as well. Did you know that adopting a healthier lifestyle can actually help you stay more productive?


Here are some things to consider.

Use relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

Being responsible for the financial well-being of a company can be a lot of stress. It is important for your heart health that you take this seriously. Relaxation techniques like meditation are great to add to your work day. You can take breaks throughout the day and practice at home as well. This can include something as simple as breathing exercises to calm yourself down or taking up yoga to help center you.

Eat better to feel better.

It can be easy to rely on unhealthy snacks and extra coffee to give yourself a boost throughout the day but these things can also cause a lot of harm. Replace these with healthy choices as much as possible. Fruit, carrots, and nuts are among the most common go-to snack for healthy people. Replace coffee with water in the afternoon to help keep hydrated.

Add exercise to your routine.

So many professionals declare that they don’t have time to work out. However, there is really nothing more important. Talk to your boss about allowing you and the rest of your team to take an hour from the office or join a gym and go right after work. You won’t regret it. Exercise helps give you natural energy, strengthens your heart, and keeps your immune system healthy.

Know when to take a break.

Finally, it is definitely true that all work and no play makes us unhealthy. You have to know when to walk away from the office and leave it all behind. Turn off your cell phone when you’re at home or out with friends. Take your allotted vacation time rather than banking it all for the end of the year. Spending time away from the office helps to feel recharged and can make your more productive overall.

Is finding new employment part of your 2015 lifestyle change?

If so, contact our team of skilled recruiters for more information on the benefits of partnering with our team as we help you through the job search process.

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