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Did you know that your hiring process may be the only thing standing in the way of recruiting and keeping good candidates? If you are making the process far too difficult you may be missing out on today’s top IT talent. Taking too long to follow up, using poor interviewing techniques, and not providing the right benefits can mean longer time to hire for your business. You can’t always place the blame on a lack of candidates so look at how you’re coming across in the market place and make changes to help you hire the right people today.


Too much time.

Hiring isn’t a quick endeavor but it can’t be too drawn out either. If you take too much time between interviewing and making an offer you are highly likely to have more than one top candidate drop out of the running due to accepting other job offers. Job seekers also become concerned about a lack of communication and may determine they no longer want to work for your company.


Poor interviewing techniques.

Interviewing is a learned behavior so it is important that you learn how to do it the right way. Bad techniques can turn a candidate off from your company altogether. Don’t talk too much; let the candidate get a word in edgewise. Don’t set impossible standards. And, most importantly, know what the appropriate and inappropriate questions to ask are. Do not ask questions that are too personal in nature. Finally, don’t be rude or have an attitude of any kind except for genuine interest.


Their benefits.

Working for you isn’t the only reward. Candidates do need to prove they can provide value to you but you need to do the same for them. What can your company offer that your competitors can’t? Why would they want to work with you? Talk about your company culture to see if the work styles match. Offer a competitive benefits package and creative incentives.


Want extra help with your hiring in 2015?

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