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Once you’ve posted a new job you’re likely to be inundated with resumes. Hundreds, if not thousands, will flood your inbox. It can be frustrating to review resumes that appear perfect only to find out some of the details are a little less than truthful. Even worse, is when you don’t discover this until someone is on the job and unable to handle it due to the lack of experience. While most job seekers consider stretching the truth a harmless action, it can prove quite harmful once on the job. How do you know when a candidate has stretched the truth on a resume? Here are some of the red flags you can look for and how to handle them when talking to the candidate.


Dates of employment.

No one expects a candidate to put down the day and time they started or left a company, but their dates of employment need to match their actual experience. If the dates are too out of scale they may be hiding an employment gap that they have no good explanation for.


Job titles.

Job seekers are notorious for giving themselves promotions. Job titles are not an exact science and it really doesn’t matter what the title is, but watch out for candidates who boast being managers or decision makers when their history doesn’t match up to the expectations.



Job seekers are encouraged to back their accomplishments up with data. This means they include hours and dollars to provide more detailed information for the things they’ve done for past employers. While they may provide a ball park it is important to take note of amounts that seem largely inflated.



In most cases the truth that is stretched when it comes to education is whether or not a degree was earned. Someone may be currently studying for an MBA but they don’t exactly spell it out. Or maybe they left undergrad after three years but just put the name of the university on their resume. Most of the time this is no harm, no foul until it becomes a bigger problem with honesty and ability.


Do you want to make sure you’re hiring truthful candidates?

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